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Lunch Bunch is a creative masterpiece!

Lunch Bunch is a creative masterpiece!

Adelaide Fusion

By Jessie

On Thursday we were invited to visit a studio workshop unlike any other. It’s one of those “why did I think of that?!” ideas that is so simple in its perfection.

Vlada at Lunch Bunch Adelaide have made her mark in the most unique way and we here at Adelaide Fusion couldn’t be more excited to tell you all about them!

As you may already know – there isn’t much that excites us more than promoting local produce and suppliers from South Australia. When we come across a business that is is not only South Australian but also involves locally grown produce in their work we are over the moon!
The Lunch Bunch have brought together the very best of SA produce and created an idea that could change the way we live and give. 

These stunning edible arrangements defy the average imagination. From fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and flowers, the bouquets are fresh and vibrant and what a thrill for all senses. Not only do they look incredible, but they offer a sustainable way to the reduce wastage incurred by giving traditional floral bouquets, and they also help to encourage healthy eating habits.

Imagine arriving at a dinner party with not only a gift for your host, but also a fresh and seasonal fruit platter all wrapped up in one perfectly delicious bouquet. Perhaps arriving to congratulate a new mother on the arrival of her baby, with a nutritious and vitamin-rich assortment of colourful blooms that are as good looking as they are good for you! Even better as a “get well soon” gift that actually helps you get well soon; with its pungent mix of antioxidants and fibre rich fruits and veg.

The designer also hopes to be able to offer workshops in the craft, stating that there is nothing wrong with some healthy competition and that they cannot wait to encourage other people to get creative and eat well whilst being creative. And expansion into Victoria is the next milestone to be reached.

For not more than the cost of a regular (and frankly, boring) bouquet of flowers, you can indulge your senses in one of these masterpieces. Definitely, take a look at their gallery today!

Facebooks: Lunch Bunch

Instagram: @lunchbunch.adelaide

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