First ever workshop for adults making "Xmas Feast Bouquet"

The first workshop for adults was at Findon Community Center, north-west of Adelaide. 

It was very different to teach adults (after my very first workshop for kids), I must say! Lots of questions, which is great. I love when everyone gets involved and curious about the details of the process. 

We were making a "Xmas Feast" bouquet on that day, which is a great gift to bring along during the Christmas holidays for the whole family to enjoy. 

Some people got it right the first time, some needed my help. Everyone was super concentrated, as you can see in the photos, while I was repeating each step enough for ladies to follow. The funny part was, that everyone kept turning their bouquets upsidedown and all the nectarines would fall out )) Keeping it straight up is a number one rule here, as once something falls out, the whole bouquet will have to be taken apart and assembled again. 

The bouquets are heavy and wrapping them was the part where I had to do all 20 bunches myself. While I was busy wrapping the bouquets, I remember someone asked me: "How much do similar bouquet sell?" I said: "They are just around $100 more or less depending on the design", after which the ladies said: "Oh God, it worth every dollar!!" :)

What made my day were the happy smiles on girls faces and the way they admired their creations.

I am so blessed that I can actually share my skills with everyone who wants to get into Edible Floristry. I think we are all here to share, this is our main lessons, and I am here for you.

With lots of Love,

Vlada @LunchBunch

Edible Floristry Australia


Lunch Bunch Edible Floristry Workshop Fruit BouquetsLunch Bunch Edible Floristry Workshop Fruit Bouquets


Lunch Bunch Edible Floristry Workshop Fruit Bouquets

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