Kinder Chocolate Bouquet


This Kinder Chocolates Bouquet is available at any time from our store, come and pick up  🌸 Or set delivery to your loved ones  ✅

Add a super cute soft toy by @tyinc or a bottle of bubbles or some Macarons to this bouquet 



Please see our FAQ here


We deliver 7 days a week (specific time option is not available) to all hospitals, military bases, universities, schools, commercials or as well to any residential addresses. Adelaide deliveries only. 

On the next page you can choose between delivery and pickup options.

SAME DAY DELIVERY starts from $16.00

* Order before 12noon  - Get it before 5pm

* Order before 2pm - Get it before 7pm

All orders placed after 2pm will be moved to the next scheduled delivery date automatically without notification.

If you need to place an urgent order after 2pm please don't hesitate to call 0413076650 and we will do our best to assist any requests.

* We don't deliver at a specific time, even if you put this in your order request, and we don't call to say that we don't deliver at a specific time. 

*On BIG days like Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc ... our delivery hours are extended to 7:00pm.

*For locations over 20km away from our Eastwood Studio, please allow deliveries delayed till 7pm (on our very busy days)

By default the order will be left at the door if the recipient is not home and they don't pick up their phone, but ONLY if the driver decides it is secure to leave it there considering security and weather conditions. 

If the driver can't leave the order at the provided address this order will come back to the studio and re-delivery fee will apply. 

Due to the nature of the product we can not leave them unattended for apartment blocks. 

Delivery cost:

Up to 10km delivery from Lunch Bunch Studio. Cost - $16,

Up to 20km delivery from Lunch Bunch Studio. Cost - $26, etc ..

(view all costs during the checkout)  


SAME DAY PICKUP from our Eastwood studio - FREE

* Order before 10am and pick up at 11:30am or at 2:30pm

* Order between 10am and 1:30pm and pick up at 2:30pm

Please specify the time you prefer to pick up an order on this page below. (If you choose PickUp method without choosing the time, your order will be ready for collection at 2:30pm)

We need minimum of 1 hour to create your arrangement; last order can be placed no later than 1:30pm for the SAME DAY collection and will be ready at 2:30pm, please send us a quick SMS at 0413076650 to confirm that we are onto making it straight away if it's last minute order.

Our address is: 111 Glen Osmond Rd, Eastwood. Please knock at the front door on arrival as our door is not opened for walk-in customers.

We have plenty of parking on the right side of our Studio (drive in through the open gate). 

Order customisation and changes:

If you have discussed any customisation, delivery details or different pickup time include this in the Special requirements field on the Cart page, otherwise we can't guarantee. 

We kindly note that we do not accept any order detail changes (such as card message or shipping address etc.)  via any social networks. Instead please send such a request in a reply to confirmation email (so we can see the order number) and call us to make sure this urgent change is attended.


We would like to mention, that our bunches are not only beautiful but first of all, they are Edible Bouquets and shall be enjoyed soon. This is the reason, we believe you should tell your loved ones that there is a delivery coming with a surprise and make sure they are at the address for the delivery. You don't need to tell them what it is, we wouldn't either, but make sure that they know SOMETHING is coming. Otherwise, this surprise could be spoiled, as we take the bunch to their neighbours or have to leave it outside, the recipient might not be there on time to eat the yummy Edible Bouquet.

Please don't forget to read this page on how to enjoy your LunchBunch.

We may contact the client before we deliver. We sometimes confirm the delivery address and specify the time frame if we are running late due to traffic jams or any force-majeure situations. 

Our courier is delivering several orders at the same time and decides in which order they will be. The courier is planning his day aiming to cover as many addresses as possible and deliver the orders at the discussed time. Our sales managers are not allowed to change plans for the courier and deliver the order in priority form to any client. 

Confirming delivery details

We organise deliveries in a specific algorithm, which allows us to minimise any fails. Please leave any specific details we need to know for the delivery. As a client you don’t need to worry about the delivery, while the courier wouldn’t be wasting time waiting for the client at the particular address, looking for the entrance, hidden driveway or office, this will make delivery of your order smooth and effective.

When placing your order, we insist you provide the phone number of the receiving client. If there is no working contact provided, we cannot guarantee that delivery is going to be successful. If the courier, for any reason, couldn’t locate the receiving client at the provided address or couldn't hand over the bouquet, your order will be considered complete. We don’t do repeating deliveries.

Sometimes the exact address is not enough for fast delivery, maybe the courier needs to know where to park, how to get into the building, what the intercom extension number is, what documents need to be presented at the reception or the security controls. All this information speeds up the delivery process. Keep this in mind upon check out.

Confidentiality and the “WOW” factor

The manager never tells to the receiving client what exactly from our range is going to be delivered by the courier. This will leave the intrigue and surprise the client.

The manager and the courier never tell the receiving client the sender’s details. Any questions about the sender, we address the card (if you wish to include one in the bouquet)

 Confirming delivery

After the delivery, the courier reports to the manager and the manager sends you an email to confirm the delivery.

Troubleshooting for the deliveries

We always and immediately inform you, if there are any issues with the delivery of your order. We will definitely call you at any time. This is the most important condition for the successful delivery – please keep your phone on and be available to take our call.

 If the receiving client is not there at the time of the delivery.

This situation is only possible if you have chosen not to provide the contact number for the receiving client. In this case, the courier will call you and discuss the available options. The standard solution is to leave the bouquet with someone or somewhere next door so that later this will be handed to the receiving client. Usually, we can leave it with the colleagues, relatives, neighbours or friends. All this will be discussed with you prior, but in a situation where we can't get a hold of you on time of the delivery, the courier will be making a decision on the spot. From this time we are not responsible for the order being handled to the receiving client.

If the address provided is not correct or the receiving client is no longer there.

We always check the delivery address on Google maps and also call the receiving client to confirm all necessary information with him/her. If we can't get hold of the receiving client, then we call you – the sender and confirm details with you. This is why, if we have the contact phone number of the receiving client, this situation is not likely to happen.

Though, if you have chosen not to provide us with the phone number of the receiving client, this scenario is, unfortunately, possible to happen. We often find out that the receiving client doesn’t live in the provided address, doesn’t work there, will not be there for a long time (several days), or maybe you provided a wrong address by mistake. In all these cases we will inform you about this, but the order is called delivered. This is why it's critical to provide us with the receiving client’s working phone number!

 The receiving client is rejecting to accept the order

This scenario is unlikely to happen but is possible. For the variety of reasons, the receiving client could reject the bouquet at any stage of the process; from the confirmation of the delivery address to the moment of handling the order. In this case, we do everything possible to convince the client to accept the order. If we are still not successful – we call you and follow your further instructions. In any case, the order is called delivered and no refund will be provided. 



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