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Chewy Naturals

Chewy Naturals

Lunch Bunch

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All biscuits are made with wholemeal flour, eggs and beef stock, covered in sugar-free yoghurt icing. Chewy sticks of beef and lamb dry meats, smoked bones, balls of treats with chicken mince. 

This Bouquet could be sent interstate and overseas, please request a shipping quote with your address.

In this bouquet:

Ice cream cones - muffin mix dipped in yoghurt (white) and the other one dipped in carob. The cone is a waver biscuit

Donuts - biscuit mix, one dipped in yoghurt and the other dipped in carob

Burger - the bun is a muffin mix, the meat pattie is chicken and the sauce and cheese is yoghurt 

Bones - biscuit mix dipped in yoghurt

Lamington - biscuit mix dipped in carob and rolled in coconut

Hot Cross Buns - yeast mix with liver pieces inside

The ingredients are a buckwheat flour, molasses, apple cider vinegar and a beef stock

Baseball - rawhide on the outside with compressed muesli on the inside 

Meat sticks - chicken, beef and lamb