"ChocoBerry" Chocolate Dipped Fruits & Berries in Jewellery Box


Delicious ChocoBerries Belgium Chocolate Dipped Fruits and Berries: strawberries, prunes, figs, cherries, kiwi, bananas (whatever is seasonal) and French-style mendiants with fresh berries šŸ„°

This box could be filled with other ingredients: pretzels, macarons, nuts or other favorites. šŸ¦‹ Just leave a message during checkout, free greeting card for this Dessert Box.

Keep the glass Jewellery Box with a mirrored bottom and remember the taste of this Sweet Love šŸ’–Great treatĀ as Birthday Gift, Thank You Gift, Anniversary Gift, Mother's Day Gift orĀ Romantic Gift, available for Adelaide Wide delivery or pick up fromĀ LunchBunch Studio in Eastwood.



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