Looking to have a fun time with friends and learn something new?

Come to our New Studio in Eastwood to make your very own LunchBunch!

What to bring?

Everything required will be there ready for you to get creative and to have fun: fruits and berries, flowers and chocolates, as well as all necessary tools and wrapping for your delicious bouquet.

The most important is your good vibe and positive attitude, bring your charged mobile as you might want to take photos and videos on the day. We also provide wine and snacks, therefore this is 18+ workshop.

What bouquet we will be making?

We are creating Fruits, Berries, Flowers and Sweets arrangement. Everyone will get creative on the day getting their hands busy and at the end of the day take home a gorgeous LunchBunch to surprise their loved ones.

What time?

Starts at 6:00 pm. The class runs for approximately 2 hours, however, please allow for variation in time, as some workshops may run over/under time due to the skill level of each participant. Since you will make lots of new friends, you might want to stay back a little and chat away in the evening.

Where to park?

Our new studio has its own private parking, enter on the left side of the building from Glen Osmond Rd.

What other workshops do we offer?

Since we moved to a new Studio we offer other workshops to make delicious LunchBunches: Meat&Cheese LunchBunch and Chocolate covered strawberries. Please check our website for these.

Contact us at if you'd like to book a custom workshop or event.

To get inspired and see our creation:


Lunch Bunch Edible BouquetsLunch Bunch Edible Bouquets Adelaide Shop

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