Meat & Cheese Volcano


This meat and cheese bouquet is a trendy gift alternative. The unique way of celebrating life.

It's full of life with an amazing combination of aromas, coming from the variety of meats, cheeses and crispy breadsticks. We use a mix of Barossa's finest sausages, salamis and cheeses and Australian nuts.

We create our bouquets every day and we can never repeat an identical bunch, it's always unique and amazing.

Some ingredient size may vary and we put more or less into bouquets, while still maintaining the same size and value.

You are welcome to add your prefered ingredients here, simply leave a message while in Cart. (Follow our Instagram or Facebook page to see how other buyers customise this Bouquet)  

Don't forget to add our signature Aquarium Box to your cart for the most spectacular arrival of your LunchBunch.


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