This Salami Bouquet Is the Perfect Way to Say “I Love You”

Valentines’s Day is synonymous with chocolates, sparkling wine, and flowers (lots and lots of flowers). In fact, as many as 198 million roses are sold on Valentine’s Day alone. But here’s the thing: In a couple of days those flowers will die, and all you’ll be left with is the ghost-like feeling of love. What if instead you went for something … edible. You know, something that lasted a little bit longer. Something like meat!

LunchBunch, a company based in Adelaide, Australia, which makes edible bouquets of fresh fruits, veggies, and sweets, has a Meat and Cheese Bouquet section, devoted to the beauty and draw of an encased sausage. They offer three different basic bouquets, including one called The Meat and Cheese Volcano, which includes “a mix of Barossa’s finest sausages, salamis, cheeses;” Australian nuts; and crispy breadsticks.

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