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From Blooms to Booms

 Proud to be the first in Australia.

Vlada Kazimirchuk Lunch Bunch Edible Bouquets Adelaide

Hi, my name is Vlada! I am the founder of Lunch Bunch.

My first bouquet I made for my daughter in 2016 when she went to a birthday party in the city, that was a colourful bunch of sweets and fruits. Soon she called me from the city, excited, saying she got stopped by strangers asking where she got the bouquet.
That week I’ve decided to practice more and create variations of new designs. Of cause, my first bouquets were far from being perfect, but my previous 15 years experience in Interior Design was a great foundation to find the best balance. Within a month this hobby turned into a great business, which I was always dreaming about.
The most difficult part was, that people didn’t know what a veggie and fruit bouquet was, so instead of promoting LunchBunches, I was introducing this new idea most of the time.
Now edible bouquets are a popular gift amongst people who love surprise others and make them feel special, while I polish my skills and create new designs. I also teach creative people and florists to make these amazing gifts during WorkShops in Adelaide.
I believe that sharing our knowledge is the best skill of humanity, its a key to happiness and the best motivation for progress.

I always team up with individuals who have a passion for creativity — creativity makes us happy. I truly believe in the transformative power of beauty.

What makes my team run like a well-oiled machine is the fact, that we easily combine our experiences and spark each other with positive energy.

One thing is blissfully obvious to anyone, who walks through my front doors: My team knows how to have a good time. Whether there's a busy day in the workshop making bouquets or meeting with clients, while doing deliveries, we tend not to see the boundaries between work, play, and a kick-ass creative brainstorm.

We operate our business under these guiding principles:

  • We are an active part of our community. We purchase from local farms, organic shops and local markets.

  • We are excited about building strong relationships with everyone we interact with: our customers, our community, and our suppliers.

  • We aim to make a difference in the way people consume food and celebrate life every day.

  • We offer something for everyone, from tempting small bouquets of fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth to delicious full-size custom bouquets to take home to the family or to your friends.

PS: We create unique Edible bouquets for all occasions from Mini to Super Large. Choose from our Collections or create your own LunchBunch, just leave a list of your prefered ingredients. Enjoy a free greeting card with every order.
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