We are proud to introduce our LUXURY packaging boxes by LunchBunch. These have been improved over the last year and are fully recyclable. 

Our Aquarium Boxes are easy to handle and take on a road either by public transport or a car. (No more cellophane wrapping which squash the fragile ingredients and toppings on detailed chocolate & edible arrangements.)

We match colour ribbons to highlight the style of the LunchBunch and attach your Free Greeting Card outside of the box.

These transparent boxes are transformable into a vase with a base stand to create a perfect centrepiece for any occasion.



Another proud development is our Gold Box packaging. The depth of the box allows to contain a water supply for the fresh cut flowers arrangements as well as large size Italian Zeppoles which could be found in one of our Gold Boxes Luxury Gifts Collection. Tall fully transparent lid keeps the flowers in perfect condition for a Wow Arrival. 

Gold Box Chocolate and Flowers Gift Packaging LunchBunch