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Meat & Cheese Bouquets

Lunch Bunch bouquets is a trendy gift alternative. A unique way of celebrating life. They are full of life with an amazing combination of aromas, coming from a variety of meats, cheeses and crispy breadsticks. We use a mix of Barossa's finest sausages, salamis and cheeses, Australian nuts and bread. 

All our bouquets look modern, elegant, sculptural and classy. These are great for someone hard to please. Suitable for all occasions, all ages and genders.  

NOTE: The Meat & Cheese Bouquets are varying in flavours and colours, some ingredients might not be in available for some reason on the day of your order. We always replace them with equivalent ones, to maintain cost, shape and colour scheme.

We do this every day, so if you are not sure what to order to surprise your loved ones, you can totally rely on us and choose “Custom Bouquet”

*For the SAME DAY DELIVERY, please order before 9am the latest. 

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