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Our first children's workshop

Our first children's workshop

It has been only 5 months since LunchBunch was created and calling out for people to come to our workshop was a crazy idea, but when you are doing the right thing you know, as everything falls into place. One day I’ve got an email from a lovely lady working for the local council and she offered me to run the workshop at Findon Community centre.

I was so excited and scared at the same time: firstly – I never taught anyone how to make my edible bouquets, secondly – I don’t remember what its like to deal with kids, my daughter just turned 16 and she is older then me (I often think so)

But my dad was always saying to me “Even when eyes are scarred hands know how to make it” hehe, probably sounds funny when translated from Russian, but this phrase I remember from very early age.

So here we go! We announced the very first children’s workshop for kids making edible bouquets in Adelaide. And in 4 days we got 20 kids in! That was insane!

We offered all the kids to pick up their fruits and tools and started preparing everything for our magic to kick in. All I remembered about kids, is that they can’t sit on one spot for more then 15-20mins, so we bought a hot chocolate fountain to dip the strawberries. That was fun! Those little creators with very serious faces were lining up to dip their strawberries in skewers in yummy Belgium chocolate. Parents were trying to help, but really it was quite an independent experience.

After all our ingredients were ready, we start assembling our bouquets together. I was repeating every step several times, putting fruits together and pulling them apart. My voice was shaking and my nose was sweating ))) there was an absolute silence in the room full of 20 kids and parents. Here my daughter, who came to support me, came out and in a super confident manner went helping everyone to repeat my first steps and, oh my God, everything just took off from that point. In 40mins children had a nice little bunch in their hands. But it still wasn’t looking complete. It was asking for a wrapping paper to become a finished gift.

We had plenty of coloured paper to choose from, so after that last step I saw the sweetest smiles on their faces and proud parents were having a blast. After our group photo, we all went back inside and eat all the leftover strawberries and marshmallows with remaining melted chocolate.

Then everyone starts leaving and while we stayed back looking at each other with such great fillings. It was a great experience for us and I received messages saying how that they had an awesome time.

Next step is to set up a class for adults, I think that will be a different experience and hope this time my voice will be solid and we would be able to record a little video for our new blog. Keep in touch guys, we are on it!

 Adelaide children's workshop for Edible Floristry Lunch Bunch

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