50SIXSONE Dessert Bouquet W/24K Gold Sprinkles Is As Extra As It Sounds

Glam Adelaide


Flowers are great. But nothing really quite says “I love you” or “I know you” like an edible bouquet. But forget what you know about the standard – somewhat outdated – bouquets with love heart shaped chocolate and unnecessary amounts of cellophane wrap. The internet has made sure we know it’s 2017 with edible bouquet options getting more wild by the day (don’t even get us started on the chicken nugget bouquets).
You’ve even got a local Adelaide company who are doing fresh whole fruit/herb/veg bouquets which have been insanely popular on Instagram. And NOW they’ve teamed up with cult-dessert bar 50SixOne to bring us something rather epic.
Edible Bouquets Adelaide Lunch Bunch 50sixone "Gold Explosion"
50SIXONE & Lunch Bunch Adelaide have paired up to deliver the people of Adelaide the most decadent, on-trend bouquets around town. These elegant edible treats of basically works of art filled with 50SIXONE’s signature treats. Order the “Velvet Chocolate” and you can expect a bouquet bursting with Nutella filled chocolate dipped zeppoles, homemade meringues, chocolate dipped marshmallows, fresh strawberries and Ferreros all topped with fine Belgian chocolate and finished with 24k Gold sprinkles... Just when you’re feeling extra.
If you really want to hit a blow your mind kind level, check out the “Gold Explosion” bouquet. Filled with homemade meringues, chocolate dipped marshmallows, coffee waffle pipes, banana souffle and Ferreros all topped with fine Belgian chocolate and finished with 24k Gold sprinkles.
Edible Bouquets Adelaide Lunch Bunch "Velvet Chocolate"
It’s seriously perfect gift idea that’s a little-left field. These bouquets are handmade fresh to order every day and will no doubt win you a few brownie points!