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Cheesy boat filled with Woodside Cheese

Cheesy Boat - sailing away on a wine label launching party

Our cheesy boat filled with Woodside Cheese the most artisan local production of delicious cheese. Their collections include soft and hard cheeses, dried fruits, fruit pastes and much more. Their Adelaide Hills factory is the most favourite destination for cheese tasting. So lucky to be their neighbours!

So, this loaded boat was a part of A Fanciful Notion launching a new label in Adelaide, South Australia!! Guests were enjoying a delightful afternoon with wine tasting @theblackaddition and @whimsywines, art by artist @ogsoner & good times! 🍷

🥂 🎶   Thanks, all to Mercy Me Marketing  💋  Natalie is incredible with the skills to connect the business people together. She is an innovative, brave and warm-hearted lady, I am grateful be work with. 

What a cool idea to promote your logo on the boat's sail?


Cheesy Boat

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Happy Birthday with love from Lunch Bunch

Fruit Boat a birthday dinner centerpiece

It was a birthday party I have been invited to, where the birthday girl was an owner of a successful restaurant business in a desirable location of Adelaide. She is a healthy eater and loves fruits...

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First ever workshop for adults making "Xmas Feast Bouquet"

First ever workshop for adults making "Xmas Feast Bouquet"

The first workshop for adults was at Findon Community Center, north-west of Adelaide.  It was very different to teach adults (after my very first workshop for kids), I must say! Lots of questions, ...

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